Superb storytelling, vital topic

Chuck Nguyen is a true gift to midcoast Maine. Not only is he a tremendous force for good in helping teenagers deal with bullying, but he’s also a marvelous speaker and storyteller.

In honor of Anti-Bullying month, here is a video of Chuck speaking to a group of teenagers. You will hear his story as something real, alive, meaningful. He is natural and comfortable being who he is. His comments are focussed, caring and well-timed. He understands that silence is as important as speech. He looks at his listeners and allows them to respond to him. Above all, he knows his audience and how to reach them.

You can read more about him in this Pen Bay Pilot article:

One thought on “Superb storytelling, vital topic

  1. Thanks so much Beverly for your support and honoring my work and message. It is a true pay it forward gift since I asked Umission to donate to Restorative Justice Project. Keep up your spirit and I appreciate your honoring me.

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