I want to thank you again for being so great. I did an open mike and read my poetry last night. YOU are the reason it was so much easier. Although I wasn't as animated (gesturing) as I was at home, I looked up from my reading and looked at everyone. I paused in the beginning and although I still flubbed there, I didn't let it bother me. Truly wonderful. You have a gift and have helped me with mine. Wonderful! I can't be more grateful. Your work is an introvert's dream. To help such ones is so lovely.

Christine Renee Chrystefor
Camden, Maine

Taking a 5-week course with Beverly Scott at Free Your Talents was such an incredibly positive experience. Beverly taught us the simple fundamentals needed to speak freely and with confidence in any situation. It was amazing to see the progression that evolved in each of the students as well as the confidence and poise that everyone exhibited by the end of the final class. Before the class I was nervous and unsure of myself when speaking; I can now say that I would be comfortable and confident speaking in front of a crowd of any size.

Cyndi Prince, Creator and Founder
Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls

I was already confident speaking in public – as long as I had time to prepare and could rely on a script. What I wanted from Beverly’s “Free Your Talents” class was the courage and the ability to give short Children’s Messages at my church without relying on notes or a script. Additionally, I hoped to learn how to “think on my feet” – to speak comfortably and coherently – without notice – in public or private situations. Through Beverly’s class, I am happy to say, I learned to do all this, and more. I am a changed person!

TJ Mack, Seminary Student

Beverly Scott is a delightful breath of fresh air. She has an incredible ability to draw out the best in everyone she comes into contact with. Her warmth, grace, poise, and practical advice abound such in her "Free Your Talents" classes that speaking in front of a group becomes a joy. I highly recommend her classes for anyone who wants to improve their impact in front of an audience. This lady is a dear mentor and friend who loves you into presenting your very best self to the world. She stands in the gap of doubt for her students, encouraging and supporting them through the process, until they can claim the victory of successful speaking in front of an audience for themselves. And then, with her beautiful smile, she wholeheartedly applauds. When that happens, you know you have been blessed with an intangible, yet priceless treasure that you will use on a daily basis. It's the treasure of presenting your best 'you' to the world, with great love.

L. Jaye Bell, New Media Journalist & Radio Show Host
Gypsy Blonde Media

Beverly is a fun and gifted teacher who helped each member of our class learn the secrets of public speaking. I've used the skills she taught us over and over again addressing readers and fans at mystery conventions, and in my non-profit work with Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. Even the most confident among us can benefit from Beverly's expertise when it comes to speaking in front of large groups of people.

Vicki Doudera, Realtor & Author
Camden, Maine

I thought of all of you this past Friday while I was teaching part of the staff orientation at the Y. All of the points that you made, Beverly, during the last 5 weeks came to mind and, unlike the usual, I was completely relaxed. It was the best orientation yet. The most important part for me (I realized) was giving up my notes - it worked!

Thank you, Beverly, for the inspiring sessions. You covered so much in so little time and succeeded in changing my attitude about public speaking. It was great to meet new friends, be in a supportive environment, get out of the house and laugh for a change. Thank you to all of my classmates for each sharing such wonderful stories in class.

Kristine Lerner, Human Resources Director
Penobscot Bay YMCA

If you are anxious standing in front of a group and saying even a few words, this class will help. Beverly gives guidelines on how to relax, prepare and enjoy speaking, all done with each student participating and sharing. The class is fun while one is learning and building confidence. Beverly employs many techniques, from inspirational thoughts to silly games. I encourage you to join Beverly's next class. You will find it both delightful and rewarding.

Cornelia Ostheimer
Adult Ed Student - Rockport Maine

I came to Beverly’s class because I was not confident when I was in front of my class presenting material. I learned how to make a quick presentation and got feedback about how to improve my presentations. I have utilized a lot of her teaching and would like to take a refresher course. This was one of the most useful continuing education courses I have taken.

Bill McClellan
7th/8th Grade Math/Science Teacher - Waldoboro, Maine

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