On the Air


Here’s something a little different: a radio interview with my good friend, L. Jaye Bell. I was delighted to be L. Jaye’s first guest in 2013 on her program Destination Maine. I hope you’ll enjoy listening. I see it’s not showing up as a link, so please copy and paste it!


Best wishes for a productive and stretching year ahead,


Oh, rats


“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”    Lily Tomlin

This amusing bit of wisdom from the hilarious Lily Tomlin makes an excellent point, gives one pause, and manages to evoke a laugh, as well.

Someone might quip: “The trouble with getting over fear of an audience is that even if you do it, you’ll still have to face another crowd that terrifies you the next time around.”

I’m not buying it. To get over the awkwardness, jitters, discomfort and frustration of presenting in public, you need to stop thinking of yourself as awkward, jittery, uncomfortable and frustrated. Ditch that viewpoint. Move forward realizing that you have a wonderful idea to share, a fine talk to give, sweet music to play, or whatever your talent is. Focus on that idea, and on your audience and on how excellent it is to share with them. Get over yourself enough to give to your listeners freely, openly, generously.

Presenting is not a rat race, nor are you a rat. Never were. Never will be.