What is involved in speaking spontaneously?

Here’s a little exercise. Choose one of the words below. Be quiet for a minute or so and ponder the word and what it makes you remember. Be still and open-minded, tuning in to hear a specific true story the word inspires. Do not jump in and start talking before you’ve quieted yourself. Set a timer for one minute; speak during that time. Get to the point. Stay on topic. Speak until the timer rings; when it does, finish your sentence and stop speaking.

bug          light          bowl        gum          card       string       rod          can         rip

wall          stand        log          wire          ramp      soap        book       edge       spot

Did the idea for a story came to you? Could you speak about it briefly but clearly? Did it surprise you that it was easy to do? Or were you stumped? Did you go blank? Did you try another word? Were you able to tell a story the second time?

Spontaneity is not impulsiveness. It calls for a quiet thought, a listening attitude, a receptivity to ideas and to your ability to express them clearly. It’s a good thing!

Until tomorrow,