A little girl faces down fear

Today I saw this clip posted on a friend’s Facebook wall. I had to view it numerous times because it demonstrates so clearly the power of pressing on right through great fear. I hope you will watch it and listen well.

Fear of speaking to an audience does not hold the potential physical risks this child’s activity did. However, if you feel as paralyzed and terrorized by fear as she did, take heart from her example. Learn from her experience.

Focus. Engage. Enlist. Intend. Breathe. Move.

Getting on with it opens the way to feeling free and comfortable — or even thrilled — and your next step will invite even greater freedom.

Yours in fearlessness,


It’s not about the driveway

My friend, Geri, and her husband had a big problem in front of their house: a buckling driveway. The asphalt was all choppy, bits of it popping up, a real mess. They phoned a concrete and asphalt specialist to repair the damage. He came, looked around and said,
“You don’t need a driveway guy. You need a tree expert. That tree over there is causing all the havoc here.” Indeed, the roots of the grand tree were desperately seeking space, and the only thing they could do was upset the driveway.

In relating this story, Geri said to me, “It’s interesting, isn’t it, Beverly, that the thing that’s growing is the thing that causes the upheaval.”

Her words gave me pause, and provided courage and strength as I navigated a particularly difficult life issue.

If something is stirred up, goofed up, messed up, nasty, icky, horrible, hard to deal with, I’m guessing there’s something alive and growing that’s causing the upheaval. I hope you’ll take a look at this possibility. Growth is a good thing, even as it breaks up what seems immovable. Keep growing, friends.