Overcoming inertia

Sometimes I wonder why it’s so difficult just to get about doing certain things. Posting to this blog, for instance. I’ve had the best intentions, of course, to offer pithy suggestions, ponder some new viewpoint, or stir up my readers to think about things in a different way.

For the past week, though, when I’ve said, “I need to post to my blog,” I haven’t done it.

What’s with that, anyway?

in-er-tia : a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force

Hmm. The “same straight line” of not doing it has resulted in more of itself: still not doing it.

So what has impelled me to overcome that inertia? It’s not a bunch of promises. Nor is it a fresh invigorating attitude. It’s action, my friends. Nothing fancy. Just action.

Profound? Perhaps not.

Easy? Not until it’s done.

Simple? Of course.

Doable? Always.

Until next time,


Why the papers wouldn’t stick

This weekend I’m performing as Narrator for a collection of Australian folk tales to be performed by a group of children. To make the outside of my script look cheerful, I took a glue stick and attached several colorful pieces of artwork to the front and back of the paper folder holding my script. Throughout tonight’s dress rehearsal, the glued artwork kept falling off the cover. I’d had the foresight to take the little glue stick along to the theatre, just in case a touch-up was called for, so I’d slather on some more. Smart, huh? However, the same problem kept recurring.

Imagine my surprise to hear these words from my 8-year-old daughter after rehearsal: “Mom, I’ve been trying to tell you: that’s not a glue stick; it’s sunscreen.”

No matter how careful, diligent and thorough you are, if you’re not focussed on and present with your task in the moment, all your cleverness will be in vain. For a presentation, you might do great research, practice your talk over and over, and find the perfect suit to wear the day you present. But if you didn’t note the correct date and time, or weren’t paying attention when you were told who your audience would be, you might find yourself wondering why in the world no one showed up — or why the wrong people did.

Pay attention. One moment at a time.

Here’s to glue sticks!




A little girl faces down fear

Today I saw this clip posted on a friend’s Facebook wall. I had to view it numerous times because it demonstrates so clearly the power of pressing on right through great fear. I hope you will watch it and listen well.

Fear of speaking to an audience does not hold the potential physical risks this child’s activity did. However, if you feel as paralyzed and terrorized by fear as she did, take heart from her example. Learn from her experience.

Focus. Engage. Enlist. Intend. Breathe. Move.

Getting on with it opens the way to feeling free and comfortable — or even thrilled — and your next step will invite even greater freedom.

Yours in fearlessness,